Ancient Mexika Chronological System

February 22, 2018, 4:22 pm UTC0

Xipe Totek


A special time for Activity
72 minute cycle: Xipe Totek
18 minute cycle of Kuautli The Eagle: Our vision; a solar symbol. This is the physical and spiritual renovation, purification and cleansing of ourselves and our environment. Here is the presence of freedom and liberty and a guardian of the house of creating energy, Teokalli. 

Day/Dia/Tonalli: 7 Tochtli The Rabbit: Our multiplicity and taste perception. Represents the fertility of the earth and all living beings by the lunar influence. They are very independent, yet are always giving to and providing for others. 
Iluikapotzintli:  Day Companion  Mayaual She who lives in the Maguey, the Agave. She is a protector and proportions incalculable ways of producing, obtaining and and maintaining home, dress and sustenance. She has a heart of honey and represents abundance in all things. 
Youalpotzintli:  Night Companion  Zenteotl The Guide of the Corn 
In Totopotzintli:  Winged Companion  Itzpapalotl The Obsidian Butterfly 

Ze E'ekatl


Trecena:  Thirteen Day Cycle  Ze E'ekatl The Wind: Our Breath of life and the medium of all living beings; it carries the sounds and symbolizes creativity and harmony. 
governed by Chantiko

Year: 5 Kalli The House: Our home, refuge and house of thoughts; a safe place for reflection and regrouping for the comprehension of all living beings 
Veintena:  Twenty Day Cycle  Izkalli Resurgence of Totlazotlalnatzin, our beloved and respected mother earth 

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