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(Example of an individuals TONALAMATL)
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Each symbol represents a capacity and potential that is present on any given day. According to that first sweet breath of life the moment we descend from our mother’s womb these capacities and potentials become us. Our ancestors call this Cosmic Identity, Tonalli. "This is not to be confused with a horoscope or superstition as it was not meant to measure luck, future nor destiny, as it does not represent an obligation but a responsibility"


We are now offering a personal birth codex, by correlating your Gregorian Birthdate and time with our ancient calendars, the A.M.C.S .

The Tonalamatl
Cosmic Birth codex
$65 dollars and comes in 3 parts.

1.) A written record
(As shown above)
2.) Original images from the Ancient codices
(As shown above)

3.) A follow up consultation