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            Indigenous Youth Ambassadors                         

Decmeber 31,2009

Abel KozkaKuautli Acosta                              Ernesto Xe Yei Koatl Acosta        


Noxtin NomeKayotzin, Non inkua mouika, To all our Relations, please receive a warm fraternal embrace from our family to yours.

  While the world focuses on Green Energy, Solar living, etc…for profit rather than for people it fails to recognize the root of the problem; which as an insatiable disease of the soul that could only be cured with gold has blinded us from recognizing ourselves in a vital relationship with nature and all that surrounds us. In order to not continue with this degradation and destruction of the earth and her resources, we therefore make this urgent call to the Worlds Youth Communities;

To consider recognizing the needs of a Cosmic Identity and Responsibility that will bring us back to a healthy relationship with Nature at the Rhythm of the Cosmos;
  To unite our collective intentions to Re-Activate our hearts, senses, and ancestral memory (gastronomy) towards a harmonious co-existence;
  To work in unison for the re-evolution of our mother earth and for the preservation of all humanity and all life on earth.

    We are two brothers, Abel Kozkakuautli, and Xe Yei Koatl, both students at City College of San Francisco, California. Our direct paternal roots extend from the first nations of Kikapoo and Chichimekatl. Our father is a keeper of the ancient calendar and we have been raised in its presence and practice. For the past six years we have accompanied our father walking the Zenith passage of the Sun through the sacred observatories in and around Mexico City, confirming this count. We realize that this is one continent and one culture with a multitude of customs and traditions, all based on the profound respect of our mother the earth and the law of peace and duality. Learning our cosmic identity on the calendar system presented to us our potential and responsibility.

   Our father has presented his study of the calendar count as far north as Onondaga in Canada and as far south as the sacred mountain of the Condor in Machu Picchu, Peru, where I was honored to accompany him, being that I was born on the energetic day of the Kondor, KozkaKuautli which is the identity that I carry.
   The Indigenous Youth Ambassadors was established for the purpose of creating a forum uniting indigneous youths in periodical gatherings throughout this western hemisphere where we may dialog, discuss and make plans regarding our future using our ancient knowledge and then reaching out to share with youths worldwide. We want to live our lives responsibly.
   On April 17 through 18, 2010, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the 1st Annual PROYECTO NOVA TERRA Festival, an international new earth project was held. Indigenous peoples and activists from throughout the globe gathered for one purpose, to co-create a new Earth. Our father, Mazatzin Casas Acosta, was invited as one of the presenters. He Re-Introduced the Ancient Mexika Chronological System, a culmination of recorded continental time keeping. This was a great opportunity to present to the world the astronomical, mathematical, and psychological advancement in our Ancient calendars and ways of life that must now be included in the discussions of the survival of life on earth.
   My brother and I will be reaching out to unite the global youth community within the A.M.C.S., and want to participate to present a continental project proposing that Indigenous Youth Ambassadors host a World Youth Parliament to be held in Mexiko City from July 25 through 29, at the sacred observatories during the Zenith passages of the Sun to prepare for 2012 and beyond.

   “As youth we want to live our lives responsibly uniting our collective intentions, to re-activate our hearts, senses, and ancestral memory to work in a harmonious peaceful co-existence for the re-evolution of our mother earth and the preservation of humanity and all life on earth, collectively”... IYA

      We respectfully ask for your prayers, your advice and your support. All contributions of any matter are greatly appreciated. All contributors will receive honorable mention in our documentries and be kept up to date on future IYA activities.  Please make your donations in the name of Abel A. Acosta or Ernesto Xe Acosta on our website

  Tlazokamati…Pila unyapi...Thank you in advance for your consideration and we are always at your service,

Abel KozkaKuautli and Xe Yei Koatl.